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Oxen Clinic Uganda offers consultancy services in animal-powered technology, specializing in the humane training of oxen and the use of improved yokes to increase power, efficiency and animal well-being.

Most farmers across Africa still hand till their fields even though many have cattle available for training.  With proper instruction, farmers can train oxen to work with ploughs and other field implements.  Key to harnessing the power of oxen is the improved yoke design.

A traditional yoke often depends on the ox's hump to press against while transferring pull from the animal to the implement.  This is painful and tiring for the animal and often results in sores and bruising on the animal's neck.  A traditional yoke reduces the amount of work produced by a team of oxen and can adversely affect their health. 

During the participatory training provided by Oxen Clinic Uganda, students will learn how to make an improved yoke that is fitted to their team.  This yoke eliminates neck sores and allows the oxen to use all of the muscles in their shoulders to provide draft power.  The improved yoke can be used on animals that have no hump.  Farmers using the improved yoke state that their oxen can work for longer periods of time and produce more power.

Oxen Clinic Uganda can tailor training to meet your needs.  Topics can include:

Humane Training Methods

Animal Health and Nutrition

Conservation Agriculture

and the training of artisans in the repair and production of wooden and metal parts for yokes, implements and farm carts

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